• NSF grant DMS-2113637, 2021-2024, $200,000, “Offline Statistical Reinforcement Learning with Applications in Precision Health,” PI.
  • NSF grant DMS-1555244, 2016-2021, $400,000, “CAREER: Semiparametric and Machine Learning Approaches for Big Data Challenges in Precision Medicine,” PI.
  • NCSU Research and Innovation Seed Funding Program, 2014-2015, $15,000, “Machine Learning Methods for Annual Influenza Vaccine Update,” co-PI (PI, Dr. Osman Ozaltin from ISE department).
  • NCI grant P01 CA142538, 2012-2021, “Statistical Methods for Cancer Clinical Trials,” Co-I.
  • NSF grant DMS-1309465, 2013-2016, $109,999, “High-dimensional Multi-stage Statistical Learning with Application to Dynamic Treatment Regimens,” PI.
  • NCSU Faculty Research and Professional Development Award Grant, 2013-2014, $4,000, “Statistical Models, Methodologies and Related Theory For Developing Dynamic Treatment Regimens,” PI.
  • NSF grant DMS-1007698, 2010-2013, $100,000, “Variable Selection Methods in High Dimensional Feature Space,” PI.